What NOT to Say / Do With Your Massage Therapist

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What NOT to Say / Do With Your Massage Therapist

You don’t want your massage therapist talking too much while you’re having your naked massage London. Some therapists talk too much, while others are perfectly content to let you dictate what they talk about during the session. You can always request a quieter session if your therapist is too talkative or overbearing.

Excessive noises

It is not uncommon to make noises during a massage. This can cause discomfort for your massage therapist. Avoid making noises and talking during your massage session. While you might feel like talking and answering questions, chatting can keep your massage therapist from providing an uninterrupted massage. Your preferences will be taken into consideration by a massage therapist who will adjust the amount you talk.

If you cannot avoid making noise during your massage session, you can ask your therapist to change rooms. Most therapists prefer to work with clients in privacy and silence. You should also be considerate of other clients. It can make your massage less enjoyable if the room is crowded.

Start undressing while we are still in the room

The massage therapist will typically leave the room for you to change. It is best to remove only as much clothing as you are comfortable with. Some people prefer to be completely naked, while others prefer to be partially clothed. Once you are undressed, you will lie on a massage table with draping over your body, except for the area that is going to be massaged. Depending on the type of massage, the therapist may also use additional equipment, such as a face cradle or a massage table with extra attachments.

You will be asked to change your position if you are receiving a nude massage. While you may be uncomfortable with taking off your underwear the first time, you will soon feel comfortable enough to undress. Remember that massage therapists see human flesh all the time, so they are used to it.

The massage therapist will usually introduce himself to you when he or she comes to give you the massage. The therapist will also show you the massage station and massage table. You will need to get a good massage. The massage therapist will then position you under the freshly washed sheets. Remember that massage therapists must be clean. They will make sure their appearance is clean.

Get in touch

Although massage therapists can be attractive and inspire romantic thoughts in clients, it is important that you know when to respect their boundaries. If they ask you out, don’t touch, flirt, or make sexual advances.

If you have certain medical conditions, chronic injuries, or allergies, it is important to tell your massage therapist so they can adjust the massage accordingly. It’s also helpful to provide feedback to help guide your therapist. In this way, you’ll get the best massage possible.

You should not allow your massage therapist to make inappropriate comments about your appearance. The massage therapist should not take photographs or record you during the session. Also, don’t expose yourself to the therapist – this is not the place to get naked or get intimate. This connection is what massage therapists are skilled at and they can build trust with clients.

If you are uncomfortable, the massage therapist can end the session. Sexual misconduct in the industry is rarely tolerated. The massage therapist should be aware of such incidents and take action as soon as they arise. In eight cases, the client was fired due to inappropriate behavior.


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